Alberta and Northwest Conference

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Serving Alberta, Northeastern British Columbia, and the Yukon & Northwest Territories

Mailing Address: 9911-48th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 5V6

Tel: 780-435-3995 • Fax: 780-438-3317


Lynn Maki, Executive Secretary

780-435-3995 Ext. 224

Earl Reaburn, Personnel Minister

780-435-3995 Ext. 227

Kathy Jackson, Office Coordinator

780-435-3995 ext. 223

•  Administrative support to committees related to the work of the Executive Secretary

•  Oversight of Conference Office support procedures

•  Recording Secretary for the Conference and designated committees

Melanie Funk, Administrative Assistant: Personnel

780-435-3995 ext. 222

•  Administrative support to committees related to the work of the Personnel Minister

•  Administrative support to the work of the Executive Secretary related to Marriage Licensing, Conflict Resolution, Appeals, and Reviews

Ann Thomas, Accountant

780-435-3995 ext. 226

•  Administrative support for Conference financial procedures, including Budget preparation, Financial statements and the audit

•  Investment and Trust Fund Administration

•  Responsibility for all transactions related to financial operations of the Conference

Jane Bowe McCarthy, Conference Archivist

c/o The Provincial Archives

8555 Roper Road NW, Edmonton AB  T6E 5W1

780-427-8687; Fax: 780-427-4646

•  Management of the Conference Records and Archives Programs

•  Staff resource to the Heritage Resources Standing Committee

•  Liaison with the General Council Archives and History Committee

Telephone: 780-435-3995

Fax: 780-438-3317

Mailing Address:

Alberta and Northwest Conference

9911-48th Avenue NW

Edmonton Alberta T6E 5V6


The Executive Secretary and Conference Staff share with the Executive the responsibility to promote the Conference Vision and facilitate its realization.

The Conference Office is located in Edmonton.