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Ministry and Personnel

Our Goals:

  Healthy Congregations;

     Effective Ministry;

        Strong Public Witness; and

           Open Connections and Communication


1. 2014 United Church of Canada Salary Schedule - 2014 UCC Salary Schedule.pdf

2. As per a motion from the October Alberta & Northwest Conference Executive meeting, the Settlement Committee will now be called the Pastoral Relationships Committee.

3. High River United Church contract position. See Disaster Support Staff Job Description.pdf

4. The ANW Conference handbook of Presbytery Oversight Visit Guidelines is available here:

Presbytery Oversight Visits.pdf

5.  New dates for online Racial Justice Training Workshops - now set for:

        October 21 & 22, 2014       November 5 & 6, 2014


Full details are available online:

Additional dates for 2015 will be set soon.


We have heard feedback that the $50 is a challenge for some full-time students; as such, moving forward, we would like to waive the tuition fee for full-time students who are candidates for ministry. For everyone else, the payment would be as usual.


Finally, in some of our earlier conversations, we had talked about equivalencies, and how to respond if people are involved in workshops and/or conferences that could be alternatives to the online racial justice training program. I am currently am in conversations with the Racial Justice & Gender Justice Advisory Committee, about involving members of that group in helping to offer advice about potential equivalencies, and we will know more after their conference call in early September. Once we have a proposed process in place, I will let you know.

Adele Halliday

Team Leader, Discipleship & Witness / Chef d’équipe, Témoignage et engagement

Church in Mission / L’Eglise en Mission, The United Church of Canada / l'Eglise Unie du Canada

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