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Individual Learning Grants

Learning Grants for Leaders towards

  Healthy Congregations;

     Effective Ministry;

        Strong Public Witness; and

           Open Connections and Communication

The United Church of Canada provides funding for continuing education, emphasizing both the individual and community dimensions of learning, and acknowledging that different parts of the church take on different roles and responsibilities. Four types of grants are available. Facilitated Learning Circles; Learning-in-Community; and Local Initiative Grants are administered by the General Council. For more information on these grants, administered by the General Council, please explore:

Individual Learning Grants are administered by the Conference

In Alberta and Northwest Conference, Individual Learning Grants support nurture of lay leadership and support for the ongoing professional development of ministry personnel, focusing on the goals of Alberta and Northwest Conference: healthy congregations, effective ministry strong public witness, and open connections and communication. Funding is offered to participants for events that meet established criteria, developed by the Leadership Resource Development Standing Committee.

Criteria for Individual Learning Grants in Alberta and Northwest Conference:


Alberta and Northwest Conference

9911 – 48 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6E 5V6

Examples of Eligible Events for Individual Learning Grants

Learning for Leaders towards Healthy Congregations; Effective Ministry; Strong Public Witness; and Open Connections and Communication

UNITED CHURCH Education Centres

Other Events/Courses

Alban Institute Courses

Other United Church Educational Institutions

The Banff Men’s Conference and the Western Women’s Conference are not events that are eligible for Individual Learning Grants.

Use the following links to print the Learning Grant criteria, application form or evaluation form:


Application Form

Evaluation Form