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National Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Alberta Event

Alberta and Northwest Conference was a participant in the National TRC Event at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton last month, and we would like to thank all those volunteers who worked so diligently to make this event meaningful to all participants

Here are some links to some of the significant pieces of the TRC Event that was held in Edmonton last month.   Much more can be found at, and click on livestream and vimeo.

On Saturday, March 29, there were two Expressions of Reconciliation offered that involved UC congregations/ members:

1) Building Bridges between Maskwacis (Hobbema) and Wetaskiwin - First United minister Ruth Lumax and Cecile Fausak were part of the planning team. This is the link on ABNE Day 3 Part 1 - about 1 hour 11 minutes into that Part. lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

2) Remembering the Children Society, and the commemoration of the Red Deer Industrial School and cemetery - Sunnybrook UC and connections to Saddle Lake, Goodfish Lake, Samson UC, and Morley as well.

This is the link on ABNE Day 3  Part 4- about 34 minutes into Part 4

3) On behalf of the UCC,  Bill Phipps, Gary Paterson, and Maggie McLeod offered a statement of accountability on Friday afternoon.  This is the link on ABNE Day 2 Part 3 - about 1 hour and 4 minutes into Part 3. lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission prepared an 8-minute video summary mostly of the last day at the Alberta National Event. It includes a clip from Canadian Council of Churches Vice-President Rev. Susan Eagle around the 5 minute mark, followed by Very Rev. Dr. Bill Phipps.

Moderator Gary Paterson preached a great sermon on truth, reconciliation & wisdom during a worship service with First Nations participants at McDougall United Church in Edmonton on March 30, before the final day of the TRC event began.   The Moderator's Sermon: Truth, Reconciliation & Wisdom

Highlights of the service can be viewed on Vimeo at:

There is much more to be found by ‘liking’ the Facebook pages of ‘Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools” and “Aboriginal Ministries”.  Kaitlin Bardswitch did a fantastic job of making 2-minute video clips of various UCC members commenting on their experience at the national event.